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How we protect you


At Bremer, protecting clients is a top priority. To ensure access to client data is controlled, Bremer uses industry-standard internet encryption for all internet access to account information and employs strict policies for employees to ensure your information is safe. Here’s what else we’re doing to protect you:

  • Bremer Secure Access, is enhanced security ensuring you are who you say you are. The enhanced security makes it more difficult for unauthorized parties to access accounts.
  • Bremer offers online banking for personal and business accounts. Online account access is a secure and easy way to review account activity and its available 24 hours a day.
  • Bremer offers free electronic statements for personal accounts, providing you with a more secure delivery method for confidential account information.
  • Bremer offers online bill pay which allows you to reduce the number of checks in circulation, reducing the chances financial information can be stolen.
  • We verify your identity before making address changes to your account.
  • We monitor your accounts for irregular or unusual activity to proactively identify potential fraud.
  • We’ve invested in tools and resources to help us and our clients protect their personal data, including:
    • Loss Prevention Services – Bremer has a team dedicated to monitoring client transactions and identifying/reacting to suspicious activity, compromised accounts and all forms of fraud.
    • Positive Pay – This service for our business clients ensures information included on checks is authorized.
    • PrivacyGuard – Bremer Insurance offers clients a service to provide convenient access to vital information and coverage in key areas such as identity theft insurance, Social Security record search, medical information and more.
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