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Checking Accounts: Imaging and Reconciliation Options

Check Imaging
Keep track of the checks drawn on your business checking account. Bremer offers a choice of convenient imaging options.

Imaging Options:

Check Sorting
Bremer arranges checks in numerical order before returning them to you, saving your business the time and hassle of sorting through stacks of checks.

You receive standard 81/2" x 11" sheets of paper with miniature copies of your checks and deposit slips printed in numerical order, making it easy to view and store your cancelled checks.

Check Safekeeping
Let Bremer store and safeguard your checks for you.

A convenient way to receive and store your bank statements and checks each month. Your bank statements, as well as images of your checks and deposit slips, are downloaded to a CD-ROM. Simple software allows you to search for a check by number, account, dollar amount, or any combination. You can also quickly view the front or back of any item and print an image of that item from your computer.

Check Return
The original canceled checks and deposit slips are returned with your monthly account statement.

Account Reconciliation
Account Reconciliation services significantly reduce the time-consuming clerical portion of the reconcilement process and strengthen internal cash control.

Reconciliation Options:

Partial Reconciliation
Bremer’s Partial Reconciliation lets you download your checking information into your accounts payable or payroll system to quickly and easily identify paid and outstanding items.

Full Reconciliation
Full Reconciliation services provide a comprehensive report listing all outstanding and paid debits during a statement cycle.

Deposit Reconciliation
Deposit Reconciliation services provide a report listing all deposits, including date and dollar amount, by depositing location. It also allows for easy reconciliation of other deposit-related items such as return deposit, change, and currency orders.

Positive Pay
Minimize your risk of check fraud by adding Positive Pay service to your Full Account Reconciliation service. With Positive Pay, your business electronically provides a file to Bremer with a listing of checks that your business has issued. Bremer notifies you if a check presented for payment is not accounted for on the list, and the check is not honored without your approval.