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Separate Managed Accounts
For clients with larger asset balances and unique needs, we offer separately managed equity accounts. Bremer utilizes the stock selection expertise of industry-leading professional money managers to construct portfolios specific to a client’s situation. Through a rigorous due diligence process, we have identified a select group of managers whom we consider uniquely capable of managing client assets in specific sub-categories of the equity universe, including value and growth styles in large, mid and small caps, as well as international equities. While most buy/sell decisions are made by our third-party managers, your Bremer Portfolio Manager controls the actual purchase and sale of the securities in your account. Using what we refer to as “overlay” technology, your portfolio is tracked and managed as a “unified” whole-not as an aggregation of separate accounts. This allows us the flexibility to enhance tax-efficiency, reduce transaction costs, prevent over-concentrations, and respond to clients preferences such as socially-responsible investment preferences.


Core Equity- Plus- Mutual Funds
The Core-Plus strategy for separate account management leverages Bremer’s long history in managing large cap growth stocks. Our core equity portfolio is managed-in-house by our investment team, and is comprised of approximately 45 high-quality large-mid cap individual growth stocks. Stocks are selected based on attractive valuations relative to growth opportunities, consistent track record for high cash flow and earnings generation, reputation for solid management, and high quality balance sheets. For added diversification, small cap, mid cap and international equity funds are allocated to the portfolio.


Mutual Fund Model Portfolios
A well designed model portfolio of mutual funds is often the best solution for many of our clients. A model portfolio offers clients a well-diversified portfolio of equity, fixed income and specialty funds, allocated according to your specific investment objective. Through a rigorous screening process, we select best-in-class managers for our models. Equity model portfolios consist of nine mutual funds, with styles ranging from small –to-large cap growth and value stocks, with exposure to international equities. We offer tax-able and tax –free fixed income models, with assets diversified across at least seven different styles, including global and high-yield bonds.


Fixed Income Management
Bonds almost always play a role in a well-balanced portfolio because they add a significant degree of diversification while helping to control risk and generate a predictable income stream. Bremer manages fixed income portfolios are managed in-house by our investment team, and emphasize high total return consistent with prudent risk management. We fashion portfolios of individual bonds-taxable or tax-advantaged-that emphasize credit quality relatively low sensitivity to interest rates. Further diversification in foreign and high yield bonds is accomplished through mutual funds.