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Fraud Protection Services

Powerful tools for protecting your accounts.

Bremer Bank products are powerful tools for managing your accounts and daily transactions. We also offer an expanded suite of fraud protection services to let you monitor, control and otherwise protect your accounts. Contact us today for more information on how Bremer Bank can help you protect your business accounts from fraudulent activity.

Positive Pay
The Positive Pay service provides a strong measure of protection against fraudulent checks. The service compares checks issued with the checks clearing your account, and you are alerted to any exceptions. And because it’s integrated with our online banking service, you simply log in to online banking to review the exceptions and indicate whether they are valid and should be processed.

ACH Positive Pay
Our ACH Fraud Management service protects your accounts from fraudulent ACH activity. With this service, you establish pre-authorized ACH transactions that are allowed to post to your account. What happens next depends on which service you elect:

  • ACH Fraud Filter: Unauthorized transactions are “filtered” and made available for your review. You log in to online banking to view the transactions, and you control which transactions post or not. 
  • ACH Debit Restriction: All unauthorized transactions are blocked and no further monitoring is needed.

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