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Virtual Vault

Efficient and secure cash deposit handling

We partner with the industry’s premier cash management handler to provide cutting-edge Virtual Vault service to customers across the nation. With its efficient and secure deposit-handling, Virtual Vault cuts costs, increases efficiency and improves your bottom line.

Streamlined cash deposits

Your deposits are counted, logged and secured within the smart safe until a secure armored transport collects them.

Faster deposit availability

Cash deposits are captured and validated as they enter the smart safe, and deposit information is transmitted to our core banking systems. A daily deposit credit for all cash deposited in the Virtual Vault will be reflected in your designated account at Bremer.

Efficiency and controls

Because deposits are tracked as they are deposited to your Virtual Vault, your staff saves significant time and effort associated with balancing drawers or deposits. The Virtual Vault can only be accessed by smart safe personnel, reducing your liability and risk of theft.

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