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Transferring Funds

Maximize returns, reduce expenses and streamline your cash flow with the power of these tools from Bremer Bank.

Keep precise control over your bank balances with controlled disbursement from Bremer Bank. Ensure your funds are used in the most productive way possible by automatically funding the exact amount needed to cover your day’s expenses and putting excess funds toward savings, investments or loan pay-down.

This service lets you know how much money will clear your disbursement account each day so you can make the best use of your excess funds – either pay down loans or invest in other avenues. This service can be accessed directly through online banking with your Elite Package.

Execusweep is an automated service that moves excess funds into an investment account or to/from a line of credit, allowing you to maximize returns and minimize interest expenses. You can choose from investment sweeps or loan sweeps, or a combination of the two. 

Execusweep offers the convenience of automatic transactions along with reduced interest expense and maximized interest returns. You choose whether to use the account with a line of credit or investment account, or both.

Simplify your cash flow and maximize returns by using a Zero Balance Account (ZBA) or Target Balance Account (TBA) with Bremer Bank. You can use either account to write checks and conduct other transactions. The account will automatically reconcile with your other Bremer Bank accounts to keep its balance at zero or whatever target balance you set.

The ZBA/TBA service lets you maximize savings returns by keeping your highest balances in other accounts, reduces the burden of manually transferring funds between your accounts, and helps reduce the costs of unnecessary short-term borrowing.

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