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Website Accessibility

Bremer is committed to serving the needs of all our clients. Our website – – was designed with modern accessibility standards in mind.

Responsive Design
You may notice that will automatically size to a variety of monitor and window sizes. Text will render appropriately across desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and more.

Keyboard Navigation
You may use our website even if you have limited ability to use a mouse. was designed for use with a basic set of keys, including Tab, Enter (or space bar) and arrow keys. After accessing, simply use your Tab key to activate our tabbing and “Skip To” features.

Screen Reading is compatible with most major voice readers. We recommend using Narrator 8.1 or higher.

High-Contrast Viewing
You can make the screen easier to read by using a High Contrast color scheme on your device. The instructions for turning on High Contrast will vary by operating system.

Text Size
You can make the screen easier to read by increasing the size of the text by using the Zoom feature in your browser. Location of the Zoom feature varies by browser.

Accessibility in Third-Party Sites
In some cases, we rely on third-party providers and partners to provide web content to our clients. This includes our links to Online Banking, Bremer Trust Online, Credit Card and Investments. We encourage our third-party providers to implement additional accessibility features on those systems and web pages.

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