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WebScan Installation

Avoid Remote Deposit service interruptions

Various technology issues could affect your Remote Deposit service. Major internet browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, have begun discontinuing support of Java plugins. This negatively impacts many Remote Deposit users. Additional users report issues whenever Java releases a technology update.

A solution is available
We recommend installing the complimentary WebScan service for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This service replaces your Java plugin with a widely-accepted driver compatible with your Remote Deposit scanner. By installing WebScan, you eliminate future issues with Java plugin support as well as Java upgrades. (Mac users: Do not install WebScan. If you are receiving error messages related to Java, please see our helpful Mac troubleshooting guide.)

Install WebScan today
Download our WebScan Installation Guide for instructions on downloading and installing this free driver for use with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

If you continue to receive errors, please see our Error Message Troubleshooting document.

If you do not have admin rights to install software on your computer, or are uncomfortable installing software on your own, contact your Information Technology department or resources for assistance.

Contact Treasury Management Implementation at 800-537-0091, option 3.

  • Please note: Because we cannot account for all the details of your computer system or operating network, our troubleshooting tips are not guaranteed to correct all issues. It is up to your discretion whether to take these actions on your system. Bremer Financial Corporation is not responsible for system issues caused by actions taken during or after our technical support.

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