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Controlled Disbursement

Keep precise control over your bank balances with Controlled Disbursement from Bremer Bank. Ensure your funds are used in the most productive way possible by automatically funding the exact amount needed to cover your day’s expenses, and putting excess funds towards savings, investments or loan pay-down.

Controlled Disbursement lets you know much money will clear your disbursement account each day, so you can make the best use of your excess funds – either pay down loans or invest in other avenues. In the case of a shortfall, you can add funds to your account to eliminate overdrafts. The Controlled Disbursement service comes with: 

  • Single sign-on access through Online Banking (Elite package) 
  • Enhanced security through user entitlements and advanced authentication 
  • Optional alerts and reporting allowing you to check your cash position at any time 
  • Automated funding to ensure accuracy and efficiency of your funds allocation 
  •  Self-administration including user permissions and file uploads

You can log in to Online Banking to monitor your cash position at any time, so you know precisely what any shortfall or excess funds might include. You can then choose to move your idle balances to additional savings or investment accounts, loan pay-downs or other uses.

For more information, talk to a business banker at the Bremer Bank branch neareset you, or call 800-908-BANK (2265).