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Business Continuation

Bremer provides a wide variety of services designed to keep your business up and running regardless of the circumstances.

Estate Planning
A solid estate plan allows you to transfer your business assets to your heirs with minimum disruption, time, and expense.

Succession Planning
Business succession agreements help ensure a smooth transition and continued success of the business.

Retirement Planning
Bremer has a variety of investment tools that can help you retire when and how you want.

Tax Planning
Effective tax planning is a powerful resource in the accumulation and transfer of assets.

Buy/Sell Agreements
Bremer’s financial professionals structure buy/sell agreements to protect your business from the impact of an unexpected departure of a major stockholder or partner.

Salary Continuation
Bremer offers a variety of salary continuation plans to ensure you have sufficient income throughout your retirement or to meet your family’s day-to-day living expenses in the event of disability or death.

Deferred Compensation Plans (Qualified and Unqualified)
A deferred compensation plan allows a business to offer key employees an additional benefit or an incentive to remain with the company for the long term.