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Taking action. Advancing your goals with distinctive banking services
Off-the-shelf banking products are fine for some, but your substantial assets require — and deserve — a more customized approach. The wealth management professionals at Bremer are pleased to present Private Banking solutions: checking, credit cards and mortgage solutions with a higher degree of ease, flexibility, and service.
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You’ll appreciate all the ways we can ease requirements, from collateral to paperwork. You’ll value our heightened attentiveness and responsiveness, too. And you’ll discover that our Private Banking solutions reflect a deeper understanding of your unique personal, financial or business needs. Whether you’d like a jumbo mortgage, unique credit privileges, or innovative deposit strategies, Bremer’s people are empowered to act on your behalf and make swift decisions locally.


An integrated approach
Your assets can work harder for you when they are part of a coordinated wealth management plan. That’s the approach Bremer takes. At your request, we can integrate your private banking services with your attorney, accountant, or tax professional. Our financial strength and broad expertise means we can also offer estate planning investment management, insurance and trust services.

Private Banking Solutions may include: