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Benefits of a Trust

Taking action. Protecting your assets
Establishing a trust can provide significant benefits. It can help manage your assets during your lifetime and beyond, shield assets from excessive estate taxes, provide support for family, providing for charitable contributions, and ensure your wishes are carried out.
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Speak with a Trust Officer, call Bremer at 1-800-908-BANK (2265)

When you establish your trust, you’ll want to appoint an experienced and conscientious trustee who will ensure that your goals are carried out. But who can you trust to manage your assets? You could name a friend or family member as a trustee. Or, you could enlist a corporate trustee such as Bremer.


Benefits of a corporate trustee
For more than 50 years, families with substantial assets, businesses--and even individuals of modest means--have named Bremer as a corporate trustee because of our personal service and integrity. A corporate trustee can give you peace of mind because you know you’ve personally selected someone with experience to manage your financial affairs--now, or when you are unable to do so yourself.

Even if you are capable of managing your own trust, appointing a corporate trustee can be a sound decision for several reasons. Bremer is an impartial trustee with a wealth of investment experience. Our trust professionals know how to navigate through changing governmental regulations, bookkeeping requirements, and the custodianship of securities. They will honor your trust instructions and your wishes for the future.

To learn more, read  The 10 Most-Asked Questions About Trusts and Understanding the Language of Trusts. To speak with a Trust Officer, call Bremer at 1-800-908-BANK (2265).