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Taking action. Ensuring your vision for the future
Does your vision for the future include providing for others, ensuring a legacy, or protecting the wealth you’ve worked hard to earn?

Bremer’s Trust Solutions can help. We offer a variety of investment, trust and estate planning services to help you meet your financial goals at every stage of your life.


Earning your trust
For more than 60 years, families with substantial assets, businesses — and even individuals of modest means — have named Bremer as a corporate trustee because of our personal service and integrity. Bremer is an impartial trustee with a wealth of investment experience, deep financial resources and a commitment to honor your trust instructions. If you prefer to participate in trust management yourself, or allow family or friends to do so, Bremer can assist you as co-trustee, agent, or back-up trustee.
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Bremer trust professionals offer unbiased portfolio supervision. They are experts on the legal responsibilities of a trustee, current regulations, and administrative procedures. These conscientious professionals can manage your financial assets now, when you don’t have the time or expertise, and in the future, if you are unable to do so yourself.

We can help you select and establish the trusts that best reflect your family, financial, and investment goals.

Some of the most common types of trusts include:

To learn more or to speak with a Trust Officer, call the Bremer Phone Bank at 1-800-908-BANK (2265) 6am – 10pm Monday – Friday; 8am – 5pm Saturday.