Nate Norrgard

Chief Technology Officer

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As Chief Technology Officer, Nate Norrgard oversees all data and technology projects at Bremer, ensuring that digital solutions meet the consistently evolving needs of bank employees and customers.

Nate joined Bremer in 2020 as Chief Digital Architect. He came to the organization with two decades of experience in technology leadership roles at some of the state and nation’s largest companies, as well as a digital health care startup. He has been building applications in the public cloud for over 10 years and has multiple years of experience building secure platforms in the public cloud within highly regulated environments.

Nate served in the U.S. Navy Submarine Force for four years. He currently lives in Saint Paul with his partner, Christine, their four cats and too many books. Nate has an adult daughter who also lives in Saint Paul. In his spare time, Nate enjoys hiking, camping, and cycling around Saint Paul and on gravel roads outside the metro.