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Business Planning Services

Working with you to preserve your business and your legacy

Careful planning now can help ensure the continuation of your business in the future. Turn to the experienced advisors at Bremer Wealth Management to take a careful look at the long-term future of your business ownership structure, management team and more.

Bremer works with you to overcome the challenges of moving on to other business pursuits and ensures a smooth transition and continued success of the business. We work to create incentives for loyal, long-term employees and ensure your buy/sell and tax payment funding is in place.

Bremer provides a comprehensive array of business continuation services to ensure your business continues to function regardless of your level of involvement.

Protect your business from the impact of an unexpected departure of a partner or major stockholder. Bremer can help structure a buy/sell agreement to detail how remaining partners or stockholders can buy out the interest in a triggering event such as a death. We also offer a variety of services to assist the remaining owners with the buyout.

Bremer offers a variety of salary continuation plans to ensure you have sufficient income throughout your retirement or to take care of your family’s day-to-day expenses in the event of disability or death. We also help structure a deferred compensation plan that may be tax deductible to your business.

Bremer offers both qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation plans that allow your business to offer employees an additional benefit to remain with your company long term. We can set up, administer and fund a deferred compensation plan that will increase employee stability, provide additional retirement income to key employees and offer tax benefits to the business.

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