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Attract and retain talent with retirement plan benefits

We can help you design the retirement plan solution that is right for your organization. We will guide you every step of the way using a consultative approach on all key decisions. Bremer is a complete, locall-based retirement plan outsourcing solution. Ask an advisor to put a plan together for your organization that meets the objectives of both management and employees. 

City / Area State Contact
Minneapolis / St. Paul MN Kent Christiansen, Institutional Trust Advisor 651-726-6036
Minneapolis / St. Paul MN Michelle Kappes, Institutional Trust Advisor
Minneapolis / St. Paul MN Kathleen Metcalf, Institutional Trust Advisor  651-726-6054
Minneapolis / St. Paul MN Alicia Schwartz, Institutional Trust Advisor
Minneapolis / St. Paul MN Laura Vonhof, Institutional Trust Advisor
Minneapolis / St. Paul MN Kevin Weise, Institutional Trust Advisor
St. Cloud MN Cari Dietman, Institutional Trust Advisor

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