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Gift Annuities

Help your contributors grow their assets
Gift annuities are a popular financial planning tool because of their simplicity and contractual guarantee. By helping your contributors increase their income from assets or retirement plans, gift annuities can result in greater donations for your organization. Bremer can help your nonprofit organization administer a gift annuity, providing expert management of invested funds and experienced, professional administrative services.
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With a gift annuity, a contributor makes a one-time donation of cash, real estate, or securities to your nonprofit organization. In return, the organization manages the investment and provides fixed payments for the life of the contributor or his/her named beneficiary.

A gift annuity can benefit your contributors in several ways:

  • Earns an interest rate generally higher than current market rates
  • Provides a steady stream of income for his/her lifetime
  • Provides a tax deduction
  • Allows a gift to the charity of their choice