Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Strength through diversity. Access through equity. Respect through inclusion.

Bremer recognizes both the impact that banks can have on their communities as well as the historical role banks played in enforcing systemic racism. Our purpose, instilled in us by our immigrant founder, is to cultivate thriving communities. We can only achieve it when every person in our communities, regardless of background, has an opportunity to thrive. And we are committed to paving a more equitable path forward.

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Bremer is committed to doubling the percentage of people of color in our workforce by 2027


of Bremer employees have completed discrimination and harassment training


of Bremer employees completed diversity, equity and inclusion training

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Work with us

Bremer is cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone is empowered to be their authentic self and feels a sense of belonging. We know that the more we understand our differences, the better we can appreciate, value and embrace what makes each one of us unique.

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Our Racial Equity Action Plan

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Paving a more equitable path

In June 2020, Bremer issued the first iteration of its racial equity action plan. Learn more.

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Expanding the plan

A year after its first plan was issued, Bremer identified additional areas to focus its DEI work. Learn more.

Looking inward

Reflecting the communities where we live and work, Bremer aspires to further enrich our culture by fostering diversity, equity and inclusion, building on the legacy of our immigrant founder.

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Employee training

Every Bremer employee is mandated to take DEI training. Trainings for 2022 include unconscious bias and microaggression curricula, with an additional hiring practices training required for managers.

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Diversity council

Bremer’s internal diversity council is tasked with establishing company strategies with a DEI lens.

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Genesys Works

We’re partnering with Genesys Works to help underserved young adults find career success and upward mobility within Bremer.

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Key performance indicators

Our DEI goals are integrated into our key performance indicators, ensuring that DEI is intrinsic to how we measure success.

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Supplier Diversity Program

We’re intentionally partnering with diverse-owned vendors and are committed to making supplier diversity an integral part of the way we do business.

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Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact

Learn how we’re furthering our commitment to customers, communities and the planet in these critical areas. Our ESG report provides a roadmap for Bremer to follow now and in the future.

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Strategies to drive change

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Serving BIPOC small businesses

Banking small business is a Bremer expertise. We’ve increased our investments in small businesses owned by historically underrepresented groups by bringing in diverse talent that is specialized in this area.

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Strengthened focus on affordable housing

Already an area of focus, Bremer has sharpened its emphasis and expanded its work on affordable housing and mortgage lending, bringing on more staff dedicated to CRA-qualified lending and increasing our first-time homebuying education efforts.

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Expanding presence in underrepresented communities

Bremer opened a full-service branch on East Lake Street in Minneapolis, a historically underserved neighborhood. This is part of Bremer’s ongoing efforts to establish a greater presence to serve the Black, Indigenous, Latino, Asian, and other businesses and communities of color.

Partnerships and commitments

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BEE Marketplace

In 2021, Bremer was a presenting sponsor of the BEE Marketplace, which helped fund marketing, grants and other initiatives.

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Minnesota Africans United

Bremer has supported Minnesota Africans United through a variety of programs and tools that support financial literacy, homeownership, entrepreneurship and building generational wealth.

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Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, Inc.

Bremer donated $50,000 to the Hallie Q. Brown Community Center in 2021 in conjunction with the opening of a new St. Paul Midway branch.

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St. Paul Area Chamber Equity Leadership Series

As part of a larger relationship with the St. Paul Area Chamber, Bremer has been a proud presenting sponsor of the chamber’s Equity Leadership Series the past several years.

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Project Success

Bremer has been a longtime partner of Project Success and has helped facilitate the Project Success Institute’s Financial Literacy Certificate Program.

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American Indian OIC

In 2021, Bremer was a proud sponsor of the American Indian OIC’s #NativeRise event, which brought together leaders throughout Minnesota’s urban American Indian community.

Our work in action