Farm and Agricultural Loans

Money. Resources. Sweat. Tears. You've got a lot invested in this venture already. When you need help financing the next phase of growth, our experienced ag bankers can help you plan for the future of your farm operation or agribusiness.

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Local credit decisions from agricultural bankers who know your challenges

At Bremer Bank, we have a long history of working alongside farmers in communities across Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin to cultivate success. We know the complexities of the agriculture industry because we are actively engaged in it. Many of our bankers are farmers too, so they understand the challenges you face from one season to the next.

We are consistently ranked among the top ag lenders in the United States. Most recently, the American Banking Association listed Bremer Bank as the 9th largest farm lender in the country, based on dollar volume.

Whether you're running a growing commercial farm or a large-scale livestock operation, we have the insights and resources you need to do more. Our experienced ag bankers are eager to dig in and get to know you, your operation and your goals so we can help you prepare for what's ahead. We'll work with you to review your financial statements, find your strengths and weaknesses, provide financial guidance and create financing packages with flexible terms that work for you.

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Farm Land Loans

Build on your success with real estate and construction loans for the purchase of farm land or construction of outbuildings such as barns, grain bins, machine sheds and more.

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Farm Equipment Financing

Increase the efficiency of your farming operation with competitive rates on financing for new or used farm equipment ranging from tractors to combines, sprayers and other essential equipment.

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Crop and Livestock Financing

Grow your operation with crop input financing, farm animal loans and other working capital to help manage your cash flow needs from season to season.

Finance Crop & Livestock Growth

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Specialized Financing

In situations where typical farm and agricultural loans don't apply, we offer a variety of specialty financing programs through state and local governments. As a FSA Preferred Lender, we offer a full suite of FSA solutions to help farmers, ranchers and agricultural operations in our region thrive.

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