Personal Loans

Personal loans give you flexibility to take more control over your finances. Prepare for the unexpected, cover overdraft mishaps or consolidate debt to simplify your budget — we can help you get access to the cash you need to do it all.

Anytime Credit

With Anytime Credit, you'll have access to up to $4,999 you can use to take care of minor home repairs, cover unforeseen expenses or pay off credit cards. It also kicks in automatically to protect you from checking account fees. If your balance falls below zero, we'll deposit $500 into your account to prevent accidental overdrafts.

Preferred Line of Credit

With this personal line of credit, we can help you free up your finances as you work toward your future goals. Line amounts start as low as $5,000, and we give you the option to make interest-only monthly payments. Plus, when you automatically deduct payments from your Bremer checking or savings account, we can get you a lower rate.