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Make it easy to process your incoming receivables quickly and efficiently.

Many of our business clients prefer to receive their payments from major customers through wire transfer. This not only helps ensure you have their payment before sending valuable product shipments out the door, but also maximizes your cash flow by giving you immediate access to the incoming funds. You can enjoy the efficiency of an integrated wire transfer service offered through your online banking expanded package. Learn more about our expanded online banking packages or contact a Treasury Management Representative for more detail.

Save time and improve cash flow with our easy and secure remote deposit service. This solution lets you make deposits into your checking account from home or office. Just scan your check using the provided scanner, and your deposit begins working for you. With this service, you also benefit from an extended daily cutoff time.

Remote Deposit is ideal if you make frequent or multiple deposits, can’t leave the office during the business day, or have satellite offices that may not be close to all our Bremer Bank locations.

If you receive payments by mail, rely on Image Lockbox service to expedite check processing and quickly convert your accounts receivable into available cash. You benefit from same-day, online access to your daily totals and improved efficiencies, all through a secure portal within our business online banking tool.

Bremer Bank offers a wide variety of solutions for clients receiving international payments. Learn more.

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