Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact

Bremer’s purpose is to cultivate thriving communities, and our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report allows us to more deeply define how we are driving toward that purpose now and in the future. Our ESG Council leads this work, with input from internal and external stakeholders. We shared our foundational report in 2022 and are excited to release the results of our latest report.

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Thriving environments are critical to thriving communities. Finding new ways to recycle, reconsidering our physical footprint, partnering with customers, and taking a critical look at how we operate moving forward are all important parts of building a strong environmental foundation.


Electronic use of consumer DocuSign in place of paper


Pounds of recycled electronics through our relationship with PCs for People

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Bremer’s closely held purpose, instilled in us by our immigrant founder, is cultivating thriving communities. We continue to find new and better ways to deepen our impact in the communities we serve.


donated by Bremer to nonprofit organizations


hours volunteered by Bremer employees

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Excellence requires oversight. Bremer’s independent board of directors and committee structure sets the critical framework for its culture, ethics and success. Key areas of responsibility are defined, and individual charters outline the purpose, roles and reporting structure for each committee. Our governance structure also includes management-level committees focused on certain strategic priorities and specific areas of risk management.


Year Bremer established its ESG Council to define and implement ESG goals


Required employees who completed compliance training

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Download our full ESG report for complete details on this important work and to learn more about Bremer’s path forward.

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