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Answers to your frequently asked questions

Also referred to as RTN, routing transit number, ABA, or bank routing number, your routing number is a nine-digit numeric code printed on the bottom of checks. The routing number for Bremer Bank is 096010415.

To locate your routing number for checking, savings, and money market accounts, look at the numbers along the bottom edge of your check.

  • Personal accounts: The routing number is the first set of nine-digit numbers.
  • Business accounts: The routing number is the second set of nine-digit numbers. 

Click here to read more information about FDIC insurance.

Often, your employer will have a required form for you to complete in order to set up payroll direct deposit. Ask your employer for this form.

For other direct deposits, or if your employer does not have a required form, use our simple Request to Transfer Direct Deposit letter. Find this letter on Page 7 of the Personal Account Switch Kit PDF.

Yes. The Bremer Bank Mobile Banking app - available from App Store or Google Play - offers the ability to make mobile deposits. When making a mobile deposit, please take note of the following best practices:

  • Remember to endorse the back of the check. Please include "For Bremer Bank Mobile Deposit" in the endorsement.
  • Note when you made the deposit. We suggest noting on the front-side of the check the date on which you made your mobile deposit. 
  • Retain your check for a period of time. Retain the original check for at least five days - or until the deposit is confirmed as fully available in your account - before destroying in a secure manner.

You can find your account number printed on the bottom of your checks:  

  • Personal accounts: The account number is the second set of numbers, following the routing number.
  • Business accounts: The account number is the first set of numbers. 

Contact your local branch or call 1-800-908-2265. A driver's license or other documentation may be required.

Follow the steps included with your new debit card. If you have lost this mailer, contact Bremer Phone Bank at 800-908-2265 for assistance.

When activating your new debit card, you'll be prompted to create a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). Be sure to choose a secure PIN, and avoid easy-to-guess numbers like your birthday or street address.

Yes. We are proud to offer several digital wallet capabilities on our debit and credit cards, including Android Pay. Your step-by-step instructions may vary by device, but in general you:

  1. Install the Android Pay app from Google Play. Check your device to see if Android Pay was pre-installed on it, otherwise download the Android Pay app from Google Play.
  2. Add your credit or debit card from Bremer Bank. You should have some easy on-screen instructions to help with this step.

If your device is lost or stolen, use Android Device Manager to instantly lock your phone from anywhere, secure it with a new password, or wipe it clean of personal data.

Yes. We are proud to offer several digital wallet capabilities on our debit and credit cards, including Apple Pay. To set up Apple Pay on your iPhone or other mobile device, follow these instructions from Apple.

If your device is lost or stolen, use can use iCloud to suspend or permanently remove the device's Apple Pay capabilities. 

Yes. We are proud to offer several digital wallet capabilities on our debit and credit cards, including Samsung Pay. To set up Samsung Pay on your phone or other mobile device, follow these instructions from Samsung.

If your phone is lost or stolen, go to to remotely lock or erase your Samsung Pay account.

Bremer offers chip card technology on both debit cards and credit cards. You can read online material about how the EMV chip card technology works. If you have a chip-enabled debit card, you can also view this helpful video from MasterCard: 


Contact Bremer Phone Bank immediately at 1-800-908-2265.

Contact Cardmember Services immediately at 800-558-3424.

If you lose your mobile device, you will want to take steps to protect your private information.

If you use Mobile Banking, remove it from your online banking profile. Simply log in to online banking from a desktop web browser. Then go to the Customer Service menu to Manage mobile banking settings. Also call Bremer Phone Bank at 800-908-2265 to report the lost or stolen device.

If you use Android Pay, use the Android Device Manager to instantly lock your phone, secure it with a new password or wipe it clean of personal data.

If you use Apple Pay, use iCloud to suspend or permanently remove the Apple Pay capability from the device. Your cards will be suspended or removed from Apple Pay even if your device is offline or not connected to cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

If you use Samsung Pay, visit to remotely lock or erase your Samsung Pay account.

We also suggest reviewing our Mobile Security Tips for other helpful information.

The easiest, fastest way to order more checks is through online banking. Go to to access Online Banking for your personal accounts. Once logged in, go to the Customer Service menu and select Order Checks.  

You may also order checks by phone at 800-908-2265, in person at any Bremer Bank branch or by mail by completing the check reorder form provided in your last box of checks.

Always keep accurate and up-to-date account records, including purchases, checks, authorized payments, recurring transactions, bill payments, etc. Some best practices we recommend include:

  • Record transactions in a register. Record every deposit and withdrawal you make, including any recurring transactions. If you need a new register, stop by any Bremer Bank branch for a new one. If you prefer to track electronically, you can also find a variety of downloadable check registers online. 
  • Review your transactions frequently. Use any of our free tools to take control of your accounts, including:
  • Sign up for online statements. We also recommend signing up for online statements, so you can receive your monthly statement more promptly.

When you receive your statement each month, balance your account by following the steps below. Or use our helpful Checkbook Balancer tool for a quick and easy way to balance your account.

  • Make note of the current balance shown on your register. If you have been writing checks, making deposits, using your debit card, etc. since the date shown on your statement, it is likely it does not match the month-end balance shown on your statement. Many clients find it easier to balance their checkbooks using online statements because they receive them sooner. This means there are fewer transactions to account for when balancing the account. 
  • Match each statement transaction to your register. For each transaction matching the statement, place a mark next to the corresponding item in the register. If you have a transaction in the register that does not appear on the statement, the transaction may still be pending or may not have been presented for payment yet.
  • Adjust your balance for register transactions not shown in the statement. Add back to your current balance any withdrawals made after the statement date, and subtract any deposits made after the statement date.
  • If the balances do not match, check your register and receipts again. Make sure you didn’t omit any items from your register, and double-check for any mathematical errors.
  • Available Balance: The amount of funds you can use for withdrawal, including any authorizations that are already pending on the account. However, due to delays in various electronic communication systems, there may be additional authorized withdrawals not yet reflected in the balance.
  • Current Balance: Yesterday’s end-of-day balance on our systems.

Deposits are not always immediately available, and post only on business days (generally Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays). Cut-off times may vary based on whether the deposit was made at an ATM, in a branch, through Online Banking or Telebank or via Mobile Banking. For more information, please read the funds availability policy in your Personal Account Agreement.

It is virtually impossible to predict when a check might post to your account. Many checks are now presented as image files and no longer physically transported between banks. This means that checks are clearing accounts more quickly, often on the same day they are written. Never assume you can rely on “float” to make sure you have enough funds to cover a check. Write a check only if you are sure you have sufficient funds to cover the transaction.

Switching your accounts to Bremer Bank doesn't have to be complicated. Download one of our Switch Kits to access step-by-step directions, worksheets and form letters to assist you with the transition.

Start by carefully managing your funds, so you don’t spend money you don’t have. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account before you write a check or initiate a transaction.

Also closely monitor your account activity. A variety of tools are available to help you closely track your spending and effectively manage your account.

  • Online banking. Visit any time to instantly check your current balance, transfer funds or view transaction history.
  • Balance alerts. Within Online Banking, you can enroll in email or text message alerts to notify you daily when your balance falls below any dollar level you specify.
  • Phone banking. Call 800-908-2265 to access our automated phone banking system for balance and transaction information.
  • Free check registers. If you need a replacement check register, call 800-908-BANK (2265) or stop by your local branch. 

You may also wish to set up overdraft protection service. These services act as a safety net in case you lose track of your balance.

  • Automatic transfers from another account. If you have a Bremer Bank savings account, you can sign up to have money automatically transferred to your checking account if you will be overdrawn. Fees may apply.
  • Line of credit. For qualifying clients, we can establish a line of credit and link to your credit account. Learn more about these products.

You can have your loan payments automatically deducted from your checking or savings account at no cost to you. Download our enrollment forms to authorize automatic payments on your loans: Consumer Loans (non-mortgage)  |  Mortgage Loans. After you have completed and signed the form, just submit it to us:

  • In person. At any Bremer Bank location

  • By mail. Send it to Bremer Service Center, MN-001-23FO, PO Box 1000, Lake Elmo, MN 55042

  • By fax. Fax it to 651-734-4214

For fast, secure access to your account statements, sign up for online statements. Online statements are delivered to you in PDF file format through Online Banking. To sign up, log in to Online Banking, then go to the Customer Service menu and select Change document delivery method.

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