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Working with your lender for a smooth mortgage process

Ryan Gillespie

What makes homeownership so appealing? The answer to this varies from one client to the next, including the ability to personalize their living space, a sense of stability and security, owning your own property and finding a community to call your own. Your loyal mortgage banker will guide you through this process, but they will need your help.

Whether you are buying, building, or refinancing a home—your first step to obtaining a mortgage will be the prequalification process. Your banker will ask you for several items such as paystubs, tax information, bank statements and possibly more, depending on your personal situation. They may also ask questions such as if you own any land, whether or not you pay child support or if you've recently bought a car. If you have liabilities that are your responsibility, it is important to share these. Your lender has the responsibility to ensure you can afford the mortgage loan they are helping you obtain. In addition, make sure to also disclose pay increases at work, annual bonuses that may show up on your bank statement as a large deposit and any beneficial investment account balances.

Although these inquiries or requests may seem personal, without the proper information, your lender's ability to provide you with a smooth loan process may be impacted. There are both positive and potentially concerning financial changes that we all face over time. We can navigate these together. While this may seem overwhelming, your mortgage lender will be there every step of the way to provide clarity during your homebuying journey.

When your mortgage lender has the full picture, they can best help your home-buying journey move ahead smoothly and effortlessly, free of surprises and avoiding pre-closing hurdles. So, how can you help your lender to achieve a successful mortgage closing?

  • Provide any requested documentation to your lender as soon as possible as this information will need to be reviewed by an underwriting team—which can take time. 
  • Be up front about any financial issues you may be facing, as these may impact your ability to close. From here, we can figure out how to best move ahead and determine what loan program may be right for you.
  • Let your lender know if phone, email or text is the best form of communication. Your lender will adapt to help you feel comfortable.

The most important key to a successful relationship between your mortgage banker and you is communication. Your banker’s ultimate goal is to help you close your mortgage loan, and they will walk you through this journey all the way.

Ryan Gillespie

About Ryan Gillespie

With more than 9 years in the mortgage industry, and over 5 years at Bremer, Ryan Gillespie will go above and beyond to make your homebuying experience as smooth as possible. As a mortgage banker, Ryan will work with you to uncover your unique financial needs and then find the right mortgage product from our comprehensive offerings to meet your goals. Whether you are first-time homebuyer, making your next move or refinancing your home, you can trust that she will guide you through the process. Prior to her role at Bremer, Ryan worked at Owatonna Mortgage as a mortgage banker, as well as St. John’s Lutheran Church as an office administrator. In addition to her work experience, Ryan has a bachelor’s degree from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota and has her Mortgage Loan Originator License within the state of Minnesota. She has also completed the Owatonna Community Leadership Academy and is a graduate of Leadership Austin in Austin, Minnesota. When not helping individuals and families finance the home of their dreams, she enjoys singing, fitness and spending time with her son. She is also a volunteer for the Owatonna Business Women, United Way, the Human Rights Commission and the SEMR Realtor Service Committee. )

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