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What to do when you’re ready to sell your home


When you’re beginning the process of selling your home, there are quite a few factors that will help your sale be successful. Having a checklist of things you’re able to do right away will help make the sale – and move – a little less stressful.

Talk with your mortgage loan officer

When you start thinking about selling your current home, it’s a good idea to start thinking about the process of purchasing your next home as well. Connect with your mortgage loan officer to determine what you are pre-approved for before you start the process of listing your home for sale. This gives you actual numbers which will help you understand the price range of the home you will qualify to buy after your sale is complete.

When selling your home and moving into another, timelines are important. So, when do you start looking for a home if you’re ready to sell?

That’s dependent on your financial situation and something your mortgage loan officer can help you determine. If you have the means to put a down payment on a new home while still owning your old home, that is an ideal situation. This ensures that you have a place to live, no matter how quickly your previous home sells. If you can’t do this, your agent can put in a contingency clause that if your home does not sell, you won’t be obligated to purchase the new home.

Clean and declutter

Your home may be livable, but is it looking its best for a potential buyer? Make sure all your spaces are clean, your appliances are wiped down, your bathrooms are sparkling and there are no odors when you walk in. Keeping your storage spaces tidy and organized is another plus, as buyers like to envision how they would store their items in these areas.

If you find you have more belongings than space, consider decluttering or renting a storage unit, at least while you show your home. The fewer items you have in each room, the easier it is to see the potential of the house, not to mention the space it has!

If you have an eclectic style or a bold paint choice, it might be beneficial to paint in a more neutral color or remove the eye-catching throw pillows, at least for the time being. While it may be your style, your buyer might not have the same taste and they won’t be able to picture themselves living in your home.

Remember the outside

Is your lawn manicured and raked? Is the siding of your home in good condition, or is the paint chipping away? These are all things to keep in mind when putting your house on the market. Looking at your home from an outsider’s perspective will help you see if there are any problem areas you need to address. Landscaping work may be something to consider, as 28% of sellers say they update their yards before listing1. This can help you stand out to potential buyers.

List it

Now you can begin the process of listing your home. While it may sound simple, there are still quite a few decisions to be made. How much will you list your home for? Will you work with a real estate agent? Are you willing to negotiate price and/or closing costs?

Listing your home can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Work with your agent, who should be knowledgeable about your specific housing market and have access to comparable homes in your area to give you an idea what your home is worth.

Another option for finding out your home’s value is to get an appraisal. An appraiser will come to your home and asses the value, while taking into consideration the type of mortgage a potential buyer may have. This will also help your mortgage lender determine if the price you’re listing is appropriate.

Choosing to sell your home is a big decision. Contact your mortgage loan officer to learn more about the process and make your sale and future purchase a success!