Home Loans

Whether you're buying or building your first house, remodeling your forever home or financing a major milestone, a Bremer home loan can help make it happen. We get to know you before finding the right solution for your current, and future, goals.

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Mortgages Made Simpler

The home-buying process is complicated enough without having to worry about finding the right financing. We can make things simpler. With more than 70 years of financial strength behind us, we'll guide you toward the right mortgage solution, work alongside your real estate agents and builders, and keep communication open at every step.

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Tap Into Your Home's Equity

As life changes and your financial needs shift, we can help you use your home to fund the next phase. Maybe it's time to remodel the kitchen, start planning your child's wedding or pursue your master's degree. Whatever your goals, we'll find a home loan with flexible terms and a competitive interest rate to help you achieve them.

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Build Your Dream

Building a home can be as stressful as it is exciting. Unforeseen costs arise. Traditional mortgages don't kick in until construction is complete. Interest rates spike as you build. We can help you minimize these stressors with a Bremer construction and mortgage loan designed to take you seamlessly from groundbreaking to housewarming.

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Farmer Home Mortgage Program

Buying a home is easy with our Farmer Home Mortgage program. Enjoy a simple, streamlined process to finance your farmstead or a second home away from the farm.

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Local Advantages Make Home Buying Easier

States, counties, communities, non-profit agencies and other groups throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin offer home-buying programs designed to put homeownership within your grasp. With a focus on your local market, we can guide you through these options, including those with low or no down payment requirements, closing cost assistance, interest-free and deferred loans, first-time homebuyer assistance and rural development loans. Once we've discussed your options, we'll help you choose the solution that's best for you.

Refinance Your Mortgage and Redefine Your Goals

You probably know refinancing a mortgage loan can mean lower monthly payments or interest rates, but the benefits don't end there. By working with you to understand your refinancing goals, we can help you:

  • Take advantage of lower interest rates and lock them in for 180 days as you refinance your loan.

  • Spread your payments across a new loan with a longer repayment term.

  • Pay your mortgage off sooner with shorter loan terms.

  • Tap into your home's equity to fund home improvements through either a mortgage loan refinance (cash-out refinance),loan or line of credit.

  • Buy the vintage car, fishing boat or grand piano you've always wanted.

  • Consolidate debt to eliminate costly credit card interest payments.

  • Go back to school or send your children to college.