Your Account and Online Security

Existing measures to keep your accounts safe and secure

Our top priority online is the security of your personal and account information. We employ multiple security measures that work together to create a safe environment for your financial information. If you think your Bremer account information could be at risk, contact us immediately so we can help you protect your financial assets.

Security starts at your computer. Online banking, bill pay and other online tools from Bremer Bank require unique user identifications and passwords. When enrolling, follow the tips on the screen to help define your password using a combination of numbers and letters. After establishing your User ID and password, do not share this information with anyone.

You should log out of online banking after each banking session, but if you forget, we’ll do it for you automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.

This technology scrambles data as it travels between your computer and Bremer Bank, making it virtually impossible for anyone to access your account information. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the most trusted method of securing Internet transactions available today. You can verify that you have a secured connection by noting browser security indicators, including the small "lock" icon somewhere in the browser frame and a Web address that includes the “s” for “secure.

In some cases, you may be asked to provide a one-time security code prior to finalizing a transaction in Online Banking. This one-time security code may be sent via text message to your mobile phone (if one is on record) or via an automated phone call to a phone number on file with us. You simply receive the code and enter it online where prompted, providing an extra layer of security for your accounts. Be sure to delete any sensitive text messages after you no longer need them.

In addition to your personal password security, Bremer Bank frequently adds an extra layer of security through the use of secure tokens. Some Online Banking users will be issued a secure token which improves your online security without impacting your general, day-to-day experience with the online tool. We will ask you to set up unique identifying questions during enrollment and may ask you to answer them as extra verification of your identity when you log in. Simply answer the questions and continue to log in to your accounts.

Bremer Bank uses sophisticated fraud monitoring tools to allow us to identify suspicious card activity and act immediately to protect clients. We have a dedicated team monitoring all transactions and reacting to possible suspicious activity, compromised accounts and all forms of fraud.

If suspicious activity is suspected on your account, you may receive phone, email or text message communication from our Fraud Service Center.

Bremer Bank offers a variety of additional fraud protection services to clients, including Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay.

Bremer Bank has implemented enhanced identification procedures that will help us better protect your identity and accounts. You may be asked to provide identity verification information when opening a new account, cashing checks, submitting a change of address, or performing other transactions. If necessary, we will request additional documentation for your security. By asking you questions and verifying your information, we confirm that we are working with you, our customer.

You have the option to add MasterCard®- SecureCode to your debit card, giving added protection against unauthorized card use at participating online merchants.

Control your debit card from the convenience of your smartphone. This app lets you turn your Bremer debit card on or off; control where it can be used; set spending limits; receive instant alerts; and even view transaction history.