Business Services

At Bremer Bank, we work alongside businesses of all sizes, nonprofits and farmers to evaluate the financial health of your business today and help you prepare for whatever tomorrow brings. We offer a wealth of business services to help you succeed.

Business Planning

Put our experience to work for you

It's never too early to prepare for the future of your business. Our experienced wealth management advisors take a hands-on approach to assessing the financial health of your business and making recommendations for everything from potential growth opportunities to transition strategies. Whatever stage your business is at, our local wealth advisors are here to guide your forward momentum.

Business Succession Planning

When you're ready to move on to other endeavors, we'll work with you to create a smooth transition and ensure the business lives on by creating incentives for loyal, long-term employees and ensuring your buy/sell and tax payment funding is in place.

Business Continuation Planning

Perhaps you're simply looking to take a step back from the business but not ready to move on entirely. We offer a variety of business continuation services to ensure your business continues to function regardless of your level of involvement.

Buy/Sell Agreement

We can help protect your business from the unexpected departure of a partner or major stockholder with a buy/sell agreement funded by life insurance. In the event of a triggering event such as death, the agreement details how remaining partners or stockholders can buy out the remaining interest. We will help you properly structure this agreement for maximum tax efficiency for your business.

Salary Continuation

Plan for your future financial well-being with a salary continuation plan from Bremer Bank. We'll work with you to choose a plan that ensures you have sufficient income throughout your retirement or to take care of your family's day-to-day expenses in the event of disability or death.

Deferred Compensation Plans

Great employees are worth compensating for the value they bring to your business. Bremer Bank offers both qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation plans that allow your business to offer employees an additional benefit to remain with your company long-term. We can set up, administer and fund a deferred compensation plan that will increase employee stability, provide additional retirement income to key employees and offer tax benefits to the business.

International Services

As the world in which we work becomes more global, you need a partner that can help you navigate the needs of your business internationally. Bremer Bank offers a variety of international services and expert insights to help you increase your global reach. Let us guide you through letters of credit, documentary collections, foreign exchange services, trade finance and trade credit insurance.

International business services

Institutional Advisory

Pursue a better future with retirement plan solutions from Bremer Institutional Trust

As a business owner, you want to provide benefits that help your employees pursue their financial goals. The advisors at Bremer Institutional Trust will work with you to provide comprehensive retirement benefit plans that do just that. And then we continue to support your business with trustee and fiduciary oversight, record keeping and administration, investment management, and customized employee education services.

Institutional advisory solutions