Cash flow is critical to your day-to-day operations. Let us help ensure it's there when you need it with a robust receivables processing solution from Bremer Bank. We’ll recommend a solution, help implement it and be there with ongoing support.

Virtual Vault

Simple, secure handling of cash deposits

Virtual Vault makes it easy for businesses that conduct a lot of cash transactions to safely streamline deposits onsite and give you faster access to funds. A smart safe that integrates hardware, software, service and security to improve cash controls and save you time and money.

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Image Lockbox

Fast, accurate processing of incoming payments

Save time and reduce the risk of keystroke error by using Image Lockbox to export data to your accounts receivable system. Your receivables are submitted for deposit sooner, reducing your outstanding sales for the day and improving your cash flow.

Same-day alerts and reports

Use our online banking platform to easily access daily totals, remittance information and images. Our secure system allows entitled users to simultaneously review, print and download images from their desktop, and even set up text or email alerts to notify them when a new report is available.

Remote Deposit

Take fewer trips to the bank

Deposit checks without ever leaving the office using Remote Deposit. Simply purchase an approved scanner, then quickly and easily scan and upload checks to our secure online banking system for immediate deposit.

Scanned checks are captured as images and converted to electronic items by our system, using CAR/LAR to minimize manual data corrections on your end. Deposit information can be exported to your third-party financial management software to ensure accurate reporting. Remotely deposited funds are available faster, reducing the amount of float.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Get paid faster

Businesses rely on ACH transactions to ensure timely, reliable collection of customer payments. ACH electronic funds transfers improve the speed and accuracy of your receivables process and eliminate costly manual collection methods. You can even approve transactions on-the-go using your mobile device.

Wire Transfer 

Access funds right away

Bremer Bank offers wire transfers as part of our business online banking solution. Wire transfers can help maximize your cash flow by giving immediate access to incoming funds and giving you control over outgoing amounts. Wire transfers can be used for domestic or international funds.

Merchant Card Services

Convenient payment processing with next-day access to funds

Being ready and able to accept your customers’ payments is an essential function for your business. Bremer Bank makes it easy to accept and process your customer's debit and credit cards with merchant card processing.

Together with Heartland Payment Systems — one of the nation’s leading transaction processors — our merchant card program includes:

  • Next-day access to funds for qualified clients
  • Fully integrated terminals and software to work with a wide variety of point-of-sale systems
  • 24-hour service through a dedicated field service team and toll-free live support