Virtual Vault

Spend less time worrying about onsite cash and more time focusing on your customers. For businesses that conduct a lot of cash transactions, Virtual Vault makes it easy to improve the speed and safety of handling, depositing and transporting cash.

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A faster, safer, smarter way to handle cash

Virtual Vault is a physical safe installed at your location that does more than just safeguard cash. After depositing cash into the secure, smart safe at your location, deposit information is automatically tracked and credited to your business account on a daily basis. Only armored car personnel can access cash deposits prior to transport by armored vehicle.

Save time and costs

Eliminate the time and costs of balancing drawers, preparing deposits and making trips to the bank with Virtual Vault. Simply insert cash into the Virtual Vault, which counts and reconciles deposits for complete accuracy. After which, deposit information is transmitted to your Bremer Bank and credited to your account.

Improve cash controls and reduce risk

Protect your cash, your business and your employees with Virtual Vault. With cash securely stored in the Virtual Vault until it is retrieved by armored car personnel, the risk of theft on-site and in transit is significantly deterred.

Gain faster access to deposits

When you deposit cash into your Virtual Vault smart safe, your designated business account receives a daily deposit credit. This faster access to funds provides more potential for earning interest income or allocating assets for other projects.

Train employees quickly

Training your employees to deposit cash into Virtual Vault is easy. Employees simply enter their individual PIN, insert a stack of cash, confirm the dollar amount, remove and save the receipt to verify your records.

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