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Customer Story: City of Casselton


Since 1943, Bremer Bank has worked with our neighbors and communities to help them grow and prosper. Our relationship with the City of Casselton, North Dakota, is a great example. For half a century, our bankers have partnered with city leaders to support this bedroom community located 20 miles west of Fargo. The city’s leaders take pride in Casselton’s varied and plentiful housing options, exceptional school system and access to quality health care. 

Casselton mayor Lee Anderson has a long history with Bremer. In fact, in the 1990s, the president of Bremer Bank in Casselton encouraged Anderson to run for city council, marking the beginning of his 22-year career as councilman. Based on that successful run, Anderson was urged by community leaders to put his hat in the ring for mayor. He’s now served as mayor for six years. 

Mayor Anderson says that he has relied on Bremer Bank, both personally and professionally, as a resident and as mayor. “Bremer is here when we need the help. They’re invested in this community, and they do right by us,” he said. 

Bremer was there to help in a big way in 2013 by purchasing the entire bond issue for a $2.85 million street and sewer project. As a result of Bremer’s trusted relationship with the city, the bank now has the option to bond with the city directly, rather than through a separate underwriter, saving the city money on bonding expenses. Bremer also assisted with financing on a City of Casselton lagoon expansion in 1997. 

Sheila Klevgard, Casselton City Auditor, has appreciated Bremer’s friendly approach and especially values the time Bremer invests in reviewing the city’s accounts to ensure Casselton is maximizing interest income. “All the employees at Bremer are helpful, courteous and kind— not only in Casselton but everyone I speak to in other locations as well,” she added. 

Bremer Bank has worked with the city for over 50 years, going back to the days when banks issued two-digit checking account numbers. The bank provides a variety of financial services including deposit accounts, debit cards, treasury management, insurance and online banking tools. While municipal financing utilizes revenue bonds instead of direct loans, much of the work is driven by the same process that drives every Bremer customer account: relationships.

With a goal to leave the city better than he found it, Mayor Anderson is proud of Casselton’s growth and is focused on continuous improvement for residents.

As a member of the North Dakota League of Cities, Anderson seeks to keep Casselton connected to educational opportunities and resources that come from engaging in state and federal public policy discussions with other municipalities.

Just this year, the city hired an economic development coordinator to attract business to the area. And in response to a recent community-wide survey, the city added curbside recycling, continues to address infrastructure improvements, and prioritizes issues that are top of mind for those who call Casselton home.

“For people who don’t want to live in a city as large as Fargo, Casselton is a wonderful alternative,” Anderson said. With good home values that are on the rise and a focus on redeveloping the city’s core, Anderson is optimistic about Casselton’s continued growth.

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