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Case Study: Bremer Edge


If you ask small business owners about what they’d like to have more of, the most common answers you’d get would be variations on “time” and “money.” Every day brings new challenges and opportunities, and having the financial flexibility to respond to them quickly can make all the difference.

Bremer Edge is a loan or line of credit option created especially for small businesses that combines an easy application process, faster approval decisions and funding, and support when you need it from a Bremer banker who knows your business.

“Bremer Edge is a solution that we can do one-day turn times on loans of $100,000 or less,” says Bremer Bank Business Solutions Market Leader Jarrod Hutchinson. “It’s an annual revenue and credit score-driven solution, so no documentation is required,” he says, adding “It’s a very quick, real-time application where we can have an answer back and approval within minutes.” This combination makes Bremer Edge and especially good fit for newer small businesses looking for financial flexibility.

Jan Strassburg started her small business, It’s Still Me Wig Studio, after her own experience with breast cancer and chemotherapy. “My story is adversity turned opportunity,” she says. “I’ve never worked longer or harder. And I love it more than anything I’ve ever done. It’s really rewarding.” For Jan, Bremer Edge meant having an extra measure of financial certainty at an uncertain time in the first weeks of the pandemic lockdown.

After a call with Hutchinson to discuss options, things moved quickly. “We were able to take care of her application within a couple hours,” he says. “It was funded and available, ready that day,” much to Strassburg’s surprise and relief. “All of a sudden I had a safety net, a lifeline,” she recalls. “Just the idea that I had something was peace of mind.”

Of course, every business is different, so being able to collaborate with a Bremer banker is key. “If you have questions about what type of financing you need, that’s what differentiates how Bremer approaches this product,” notes Hutchinson. “We’re going to learn about operations, we’re going to learn about how you manage your business and then we help you to decide what you should be applying for. We can do either lines or loans; it really just depends on what the customer needs.”

For Strassburg, that kind of working relationship is what she’s come to expect and appreciate about Bremer Bank. I believe Bremer is pro-business and small business owners. They’ve always been there and when I need anything, they’re there.”

All of a sudden I had a safety net, a lifeline. Just the idea that I had something was peace of mind.

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