Homebuyer Videos

Thinking about buying a home? A good first step is to learn about the mortgage process and understand what programs may be available to you. Explore the series of educational videos below to help answer some common questions. Then you’ll feel more prepared and confident to begin the home financing process.

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5 Steps to a Mortgage

Understand what the steps are to obtain a mortgage loan. Once you know the steps, it will make the process of buying a home much easier.

Affordable Housing Programs

The dream of homeownership is more attainable than ever thanks to various affordable housing programs. Take a look at the programs so you can start pursuing your dream of owning a home and building wealth.

Budgeting Strategies for Homebuyers

The ability to set a budget – and stick to it – is a crucial life skill. And if you have debt and are hoping to apply for home financing in the future, a budget can be a first step toward confidently paying down existing debts. Here are some tips for creating a budget and using it to create your debt paydown plan.

Mortgage Terminology

When you go through the home buying process, you’ll come across many words that may be new to you. Take a closer look at what some common home financing terms mean. Then you’ll be prepared to begin the home buying process with confidence.

Understanding Credit Scores

Learn about a credit score and credit report, and how it impacts your ability to obtain a mortgage.