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Learn more about FDIC Insurance

Important Facts Regarding FDIC Insurance

  • Subject to certain conditions, single and joint accounts are separately insured, and revocable trusts generally provide $250,000 of coverage per beneficiary.
  • Additionally, all bank depositors can have insurance coverage in excess of the basic limits of $250,000 per institution, with an additional $250,000 per institution for IRAs.
  • The FDIC website has an excellent calculator that can help you learn about deposit insurance. The Electronic Deposit Insurance Calculator allows you to calculate the insurance coverage of your accounts.
  • They also have Frequency Asked Questions and Deposit Insurance Guides to answer your questions about FDIC Insurance and how it impacts your deposit accounts.
  • Bremer has options to expand FDIC Insurance coverage. Talk to your banker for details. 
Take Action!

For more information on what this protection means for you, contact a banker at the Bremer office nearest you, or call 800-908-BANK (2265)