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Owners of closely-held companies face special challenges when they want to retire or move on to other pursuits. Business succession agreements overcome many of these challenges and help ensure a smooth transition and continued success of the business. Key ingredients to a sound succession plan include:

  • Long-term Employees — Creating incentives for employees to remain with a company for the long-term with retirement and deferred compensation plans.
  • Buy/Sell Funding — Ensuring buy/sell agreements and funding sources are in place.
  • Tax Payment Funding — Ensuring sufficient funds will be available to pay estate taxes and administration costs without having to sell assets of the business.

Our financial professionals have years of experience in developing succession plans. Bremer offers a variety of services to ensure the continued success of your business including:

  • Employee Benefits — Employee benefit plans including ESOPs, 401(k)s, profit sharing, pensions, and other retirement services.
  • Life Insurance — Life insurance to fund buy/sell agreements and estate taxes.
  • Other Insurance — Key employee life and disability insurance.