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Employer Retirement Plans

We want to provide a retirement plan program in a cost effective, value-added manner which allows our clients:
  1. To attract, retain, and reward employees through pre-tax savings opportunities and allow employer contributions — either matching or discretionary.
  2. To provide employees a broad array of investment choices and the necessary means to make informed decisions on the appropriate investment choices and asset allocation for their accounts.
  3. To offer complimentary financial counseling services to plan participants seeking financial wellness.


Bremer provides comprehensive retirement plan services and investment services for our business clients. Our first objective is to better understand your business needs and employee demographics. This first step will allow our seasoned trust professionals the opportunity to suggest a plan design, structure and fund lineup which best fits your needs. Bremer Trust, through the FASCore record-keeping platform offers daily plan administrative services and full compliance services.

Bremer Trust serves as trustee and provider of investment services for your plan and employee group. Our focus on employee education centers on the ability for plan participants to gain solid knowledge on the plan and investment choices which best suit their individual risk/ reward profile. Bremer offers prototype documents, resolutions and the necessary forms to establish a plan.

Our consultative approach will keep you current on the industry, financial markets and regulatory changes that may impact your program. Establishing a plan, or benchmarking your existing plan, requires a 90-  to 120-day lead time. The best time to establish a plan or change a plan is at the beginning of the year or mid-year. Types of plans offered include: 401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing, Pension, ESOPs, non-qualified plans.


Provide market competitive retirement plan benefits to your employees in a cost-effective manner. Employees will gain a better appreciation of the need to save for retirement, or some future need, and the value of the employer-sponsored benefits. Financial counseling services are provided at no additional cost to the employees. These programs can serve as a retention and reward tool for your business in attracting and retaining quality employees.