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Traveling a diverse world


Colette Campbell, Director of Talent Acquisition, Diversity and Inclusion for Bremer Bank, recently spoke on a podcast hosted by Deep See Consulting on the topic of Traveling a Diverse World. In it, she shares how her upbringing and world travels influenced her interest in diversity and inclusion work, and offers advice to people just getting started in the work. 

The full podcast can be listened to on the Deep See Consulting "What's the Difference" podcast site. 

Colette Campbell

About Colette Campbell

Colette Campbell is the Director of Talent Acquisition, Diversity and Inclusion for Bremer Bank. Prior to joining Bremer, Colette served as faculty in the disciplines of Business, Human Resources and Human Development. Thirteen years ago, she started a consulting firm that provided coaching, training, and consulting services for many years. She has become known for her dynamic ability to help others create powerful shifts in their own thinking and behavior. Others find her to be enthusiastic, thought-provoking, and innovative in her unique approach to creating significant breakthroughs. She is an expert at finding the strengths within the differences between people and leveraging them to achieve remarkable outcomes. Colette holds degrees in religious studies and counseling, as well as management and leadership and human development. She was raised in Canada by Jamaican-born parents and has lived and/or taught on almost every continent in the world, providing her with a rich world perspective. In 2015, her family moved to Guatemala for a year and if you are a fan of HGTV, she was on an episode of House Hunters International. She lives in St Paul with her husband, three kids, and pet bird.)

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