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Federal regulations require that we collect and verify several pieces of information about your business or legal entity, as well as information about other people associated with the business or legal entity ("Beneficial Owners"). While this information may vary by legal entity type, it is likely to include:

  • Name

  • Date of birth

  • Physical address

  • Social Security number or tax identification number

A similar level of information may be required for every Beneficial Owner.

The individuals who own or control a business or legal entity – such as a corporation, LLC, partnership or other legal entity – are considered Beneficial Owners.

A Beneficial Owner is defined by the regulation to include the following:

  • An individual who owns, directly or indirectly, 25 percent or more of the equity interests of the legal entity.

  • An individual with significant responsibility for managing the legal entity, such as a chief executive officer, chief financial officer, managing or general partner, and other similar titles.

Also referred to as RTN, routing transit number, ABA, or bank routing number, your routing number is a nine-digit numeric code printed on the bottom of checks. The routing number for Bremer Bank is 096010415.

To locate your routing number for checking, savings and money market accounts, look at the numbers along the bottom edge of your check.

  • Personal accounts: The routing number is the first set of nine-digit numbers.

  • Business accounts: The routing number is the second set of nine-digit numbers.

You can find your account number printed on the bottom of your checks:

  • Personal accounts: The account number is the second set of numbers, following the routing number.

  • Business accounts: The account number is the first set of numbers.

For fast, secure access to your account statements, sign up for online statements. Online statements are delivered to you in PDF file format through Online Banking for businesses. To sign up, log in to Online Banking then go to the Reports menu and select "Statements & Documents." From that window, choose "View and maintain document preferences" to select “Online” preference for your accounts.

Please see our downloadable guide for a holiday processing schedule.

Yes. The Bremer Bank Business Mobile app - available from the App Store or Google Play - offers the ability to make mobile deposits. When making a mobile deposit, please take note of the following best practices:

  • Remember to endorse the back of the check. Please include "For Bremer Bank Mobile Deposit" in the endorsement.

  • Note when you made the deposit. We suggest noting on the front-side of the check the date on which you made your mobile deposit.

  • Retain your check for a period of time. Retain the original check for at least five days - or until the deposit is confirmed as fully available in your account - before destroying in a secure manner.

For information on the PPP loan forgiveness application process, including a link to our online tool, click here.

Online Banking Help

Use an approved operating system and browser combination for online banking for your business. Browsers should be kept updated to current version or within two releases; older browser versions are not supported. Some features may not work in unsupported browsers and operating systems.

Below, please find the browsers that will provide the best online banking experience when using the defined operating system:

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • Google Chrome

  • Safari

  • Google Chrome

  • Google Chrome

  • Safari

Note: Add-on features, such as Remote Deposit, Lockbox or Integrated Payables, may have slightly differing system requirements. Contact us at 1-800-537-0091 with questions about additional system requirements. 

If you are just getting started with Online Banking and looking for ways to learn quickly, we recommend reading our Getting Started guide. Download the PDF

For an overview of some of the most useful features in our online banking tool, please download our Commonly Used Features guide.

We offer a helpful guide to walk through how to calculate your available balance. Download the PDF

Remote Deposit Help

We can help you test troublesome checks. Simply submit this Check Testing Request form and we'll test for any issues. 

Our Treasury Management Delivery team is happy to help you order more supplies. Call us at 800-537-0091, option 3.

Sometimes a browser update will interfere with the performance of WebScan for Remote Deposit. Please read one of our Troubleshooting Guides for some tips. For additional assistance, contact our Treasury Management Delivery team at 800-537-0091, option 2.

Please consult with your internal technical support before downloading or installing any new software.

Commercial Card Help

Please call 800-537-0091 (option 4) to report a lost or stolen commercial credit card. Be sure to also notify your employer.

Contact Cardmember Services immediately at 800-558-3424.

Please refer to the front of your card, which will indicate the type of card you have.