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After an eventful 2022, what do markets have in store for 2023?

The year 2022 was eventful for financial markets. Inflation hit its highest level in 40 years, U.S. investment-grade bonds had possibly their worst year ever, the Federal Reserve raised rates at an unprecedented clip and stocks had their worst year since the Great Recession.

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How to boost your financial health with effective recordkeeping

Having a clear recordkeeping process can help you stay organized and financially healthy, but do you know which records to hold onto and for how long? Here's a look at key timelines to keep in mind.


How the invasion of Ukraine is affecting inflation

In addition to the human toll, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused volatility in financial markets and disruptions to markets for goods and services around the world.


Model return comments: Q1 2021

Stimulus payments and the economic recovery have all eyes on interest rates. Equity markets as well as Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap continue to perform well.


Where we stand on asset allocation: April 2021

As the economy recovers, we continue to monitor the markets and what it means for asset allocation. In the coming months, asset allocation and diversifying your portfolio will be critical in achieving your financial goals.


Where we stand on asset allocation

Diversifying your investment portfolio will go a long way in building wealth. At the core of asset allocation is the tradeoff between financial risks and returns. Therefore, having the right mix of assets and bonds is important.